About This Webinar
The days of viewing follower numbers as an accurate representation of an Instagram account’s value are slowly but surely coming to an end.

Instagram is now a highly competitive market and the days of being able to continuously manipulate your engagement and get away with it are over.

If you’re building a business on Instagram where your success depends on your followers taking action (buying something or clicking on a link), it’s important that you pay attention to your organic engagement and know how you can increase it.

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Anna from Combin Team
Hi there! My name is Ann and I am a webinar host for Combin team.

My webinars are a perfect chance to learn tips, hacks and secrets to faster Instagram promotion with Combin. Always fresh, interesting ideas, interactive slides and friendly atmosphere will help you to get the most from each live workshop.

Jump at the opportunity to join us next time - see you live!
This webinar will show you…
  • Instagram-analytics-growth-content-2018
    How to Make Your Engagement Rate Constantly Grow
  • _99863629_sticker
    How to Define and Implement Guidelines for High-Engagement Content
  • Vozmozhnosti-instagram
    4 Real Startups Killing it on Instagram and What We Can Learn from Them