How should your company approach generating customer value with digital loyalty? Who are the customers you want to reward for returning, and who are your top fans, ready to pay for your premium offering instead of bargain-hunting?

The mechanics of a modern loyalty program consist of so much more than cross-selling and up-selling. Understanding what kinds of experiences your business should offer takes plenty of strategic service design effort. Creating delightful and rewarding moments puts pressure on the design and implementation team. All parts need to work flawlessly together, combining data engineering and analytics.

We’re proud to have professor Peter Fader from Wharton, The University of Pennsylvania, back at Columbia Road to share his thinking on loyalty and customer lifetime value. In addition to his research, we zoom in on a practical level: what do the practitioners think? Hear it from industry forerunners!
Wed, Nov 10, 2021 · 3:00 PM Helsinki (GMT 2:00)
Columbia Road
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