All sales are going digital, but some companies are struggling to adapt to this new normal. What does it take for an organisation to change focus and adopt a real digital sales strategy?

Hear learnings from some of the great disruptors from different industries in Sweden on how they do it.

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    Amer Mohammed
    Chief Digital Officer at Coop
    Amer is an entrepreneur and programmer since the age of 14. He has a long career in digital sales, innovation and transformation.

    "Design the experience, invent the technology. Everyone is talking about digitalisation, transformation and AI. However, your customers don't care about you moving to the cloud or upgrading to automated warehouses. If the goal is not a superior user experience, your newly refactored app in react means nothing."
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    Ida Josefsson
    Head of Channel Strategy and Innovation at SJ
    Ida has been leading the digital strategy for SJs customer channels for years. She is working towards the goal of making the train operator SJ the most digital company in Sweden.

    With experiments and optimisation together with customers, and agile ways of working she aims to secure the best user experience in the future. "Today, 75% of travels are being sold on mobile, in what channels will we reach the customer in the future? Mobile, voice or something else?"
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    Fredrik Modigh
    Senior e-Commerce System- and Business Development Manager at Cygate
    Fredrik is a digital visionary who is passionate about what digitalisation can do for a company and especially their customers.

    Fredrik started his e-commerce career early. Already in the mid-90s he had built some ecommerce sites and realised that it was the future. Now, 25 years later, Fredrik still thinks it is fun, challenging and exciting to help companies digitize their sales and all the other processes that follows in these projects.
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    Lauri Eurén
    General Manager at Columbia Road Sweden
    Lauri has worked formerly at Lean Garments, his own ecommerce company, and as software developer at Festum, and as an individual consultant in helping companies build ecommerce capabilities. He has vast experience from the digital sales and ecommerce domain, both technically, and business-wise.
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