In this webinar, we welcome the global B2B ecommerce expert Marta Dalton to discover the changing B2B landscape and how to adapt to it. We'll also hear case stories from leading-edge B2B companies like Framery and hallon.

Join the 1h session and following 15 minute Q&A to learn how to best digitalise your account-based sales and bring efficiency and automation to B2B sales practices for online success.
Tue, May 18, 2021 · 2:00 PM Stockholm (GMT 2:00)
  • Keynote: Marta Dalton, Global eCommerce Director at Unilever (former Coca Cola)
  • Case story: Olli Sirén, Sales Development Director at Framery Aucustics
  • Case story: Anne-Louise Wirén, Chief Commercial Officer at hallon
  • + 15 min live Q&A
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