Has the pandemic left you with more questions than answers? Wonder what the education landscape might look post Covid? We all can agree life after this pandemic will not be the same, and it holds true for the education sector also. Online education and new and innovative ways have replaced regular classroom mode of teaching. This is not the only change. Research, higher studies, job opportunities and many more of such areas related to education have gone through a shift. Be in the know how of it. 'Transforming education post Covid - Hybrid Learning', a webinar by Sona College of Technology, Salem, throws avid light on these said topics. You don't want to miss out on it. Mark the date, you are up for something really interesting and useful!
  • Jobs, Entrepreneurship and Research Opportunities
  • Selection of higher education
  • Benefits available from New Education Policy
  • Explore more about Sona college
  • Incubating ideas
  • Online and Digital Education/Assessment post covid possibilities
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    Chocko Valliappa
    Founder & CEO Vee Technologies, HireMee, Sona Yukti & Vice Chairman SonaTech
    Chocko Valliappa is a passionate & multifaceted entrepreneur born into a family of entrepreneurs dating to 1920s. He started in textiles & became a coffee farmer. He co founded an incubation company Valliappa Software Tech Park (VSTP), launching ORACLE, CISCO, Verifone in India 1995. In 2000 he founded Vee Technologies a Fortune (IOAP) list of Top 100 Global Services company focused in Revenue cycle &Coding HIM, Population Health & Engineering services. Vee annually handles $35+ Billion worth transactions with Six Sigma levels of accuracy, working with Global 1000 & med size companies. Vee features in Inc500.
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    Venkatraman Umakanth
    Vice President - Analytics & IT - Vee Technologies
    Over the past two decades, Mr. Venkatraman have worked across various facets of IT covering development, delivery & people management, Infrastructure & Datacenter consulting, transition management, IT Strategy, Business Partner Alliance, ISV Ecosystem development & Business Development across India and overseas market. The key differentiator being his experience across application, software & hardware infrastructure, partner alliance and ability to position/sell digital transformation, Cloud & Analytics consulting services.

    Mr. Venkatraman managed a sales promotion program for Storage portfolio globally which includes understanding the market need, building a proposal and business case, getting approval from Global Leadership and CFO, announce the offering and measure success.

    Specialties: • Business Development • Multi-Cultural Versatility • Strategy Design and Execution • Business Partner Alliance and Relationships • Program and Project Management • Transition Management • People Management • Product Management • Business Strategy • Cloud related services • Analytics services • Digital Transformation Strategy • International Sales • Offerings Management
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    Jayaram Pillai
    Ex-MD, National Instruments IndRA
    Jayaram Pillai, managing director (MD), National Instruments IndRA (India, Russia and Arabia), is entrusted with the responsibility of building the National Instruments India brand in different geographies. He helps grow clients’ businesses by providing them with the appropriate technology to build measurement and control systems.