Multiple policy changes have been put in place by the FHFA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other entities to allow lending to continue safely during COVID-19. This webinar will give valuation leaders from lenders and AMCs more information about what those flexibilities allow for now, what tools are available to gain additional information on the interior of a home from it's occupant, and how homeowner-collected information can play a role in valuations after COVID.
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    Lyle Radke
    Fannie Mae
    Lyle Radke is Director of Fannie Mae’s Collateral Policy and Strategy team, which establishes and maintains policy standards for appraisals and property eligibility. Shortly after receiving a master’s degree in Geology from Brigham Young University, Lyle began his career in real estate valuation in New Mexico. After nearly nine years of appraisal field work, he joined the Valuation Department of GMAC Mortgage, becoming manager in 2007. In that role, he hired and trained a large valuation review team from the ground up, as well as supervised the creation of one of the first XML appraisal delivery platforms. Looking for a new challenge in 2013, he joined Fannie Mae to work on Collateral Underwriter and other collateral policy initiatives.
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    Jeff Allen
    Clear Capital
    Leading Clear Capital's appraisal process, Jeff Allen is focusing on re-engineering how appraisals are manufactured and modernizing the valuation industry. Jeff leads internal teams in the development of analytics and data aggregation tools aimed at increasing quality and efficiency around appraisal reports, as well as vetting emerging technology from outside the sector. Previously, Jeff worked with CoreLogic and RELS Valuation in varying senior leadership positions.
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    John Brenan
    Clear Capital
    John Brenan is Chief Appraiser for Clear Capital, and brings almost four decades of experience in the appraisal industry. Prior to joining Clear Capital, Mr. Brenan spent nearly 17 years at The Appraisal Foundation, most recently as the technical liaison to the Appraisal Standards Board and Appraiser Qualifications Board. Previously, he was Chief, Licensing and Enforcement at the State of California Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers. Earlier in his career, he was responsible for the overall operation of an appraisal district at Bank of America.