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BGDO Educational Programme II
Update on Upper GI Tumours

19.30 - The present and the near future

Alain Hendlisz, Hôpital Universitaire de Bruxelles Bordet-Erasme
Hans Prenen, UZ Antwerpen

How to choose the right therapy in 2023: focus on immunotherapy
Eric Van Cutsem, UZ Leuven

Her2 directed therapies: current treatment possibilities and recent developments
Marc Van den Eynde, Cliniques Saint-Luc, Brussels


20.35 - Break

20.45 - The future and the far away future?

Jeroen Dekervel, UZ Leuven
Wim Demey, AZ Klina Brasschaat

New kids on the block will we be able to treat patients with promising therapies, eg anti-claudin antibodies soon?
Giacomo Bregni, Hôpital Universitaire de Bruxelles Bordet-Erasme

Progress in research: what is interesting in phase I trials, what interesting combinations are being tested?
Hans Prenen, UZ Antwerpen


21.50 - Take home messages & Closing remarks

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