Recorded Sat, March 6, 2021 9:01 am (EST)
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    NEXT Ministry Conference is an affordable one-day training for youth and children’s workers, their lead teams, volunteers, and key high school students.

    NEXT Virtual Conference is our way of bringing the same great training to you when we can't all be together.

    Workshop Topics:

    Workshop 1: C.A.R.E with Leah Broach
    Compassionate Action Resulting in Encouragement is a training that will help us care for our children, students, parents, and volunteers during difficult times.

    Workshop 2: Parent Empowerment with Dan Boal
    As the primary teachers and caretakers, parents have more access to their children than youth and children’s workers will ever get. In this training, Dan gives tangible ways to give primary discipleship responsibility back to the parents. You’ll also glean some insights on how to disciple students whose parents are non-believers.

    Workshop 3: STUDENT LED SEMINAR A student led seminar that focuses on teaching evangelism. Through this training, you will walk through the value and importance of evangelism. Coming out of it, you will have the chance to build a strategic plan for unleashing your ministry's evangelistic potential!
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