About This Webinar
The travel industry is being challenged like never before, and now more than ever our decisions and strategies will affect the future of our businesses.

Covid-19 has accelerated the introduction of contactless technology to facilitate the guest experience. Join this amazing panel of industry leaders and experts to learn and exchange on the opportunities and risks associated with this travel enabling technology.

  • 11.00 AM - Welcome & Introductions
  • 11.05 AM - The Guest Experience Journey
  • 11.10 AM - Contactless & frictionless - A feasibility study
  • 11.20 AM - What is the Return of Investment?
  • 11.30 AM - Risks and Opportunities
  • 11.45 AM - Future Vision of Travel
  • 1590633108-77927f7836c395de
    Adam Harris
    CEO at Cloudbeds
  • 1589970779-dfb6600f0250bf75
    Philip Bates
    CEO at Bode & Managing Partner at TMC Group
  • 1589904893-c2a0f61499e82a6c
    Jordan Hollander
    CEO at Hotel Tech Report
  • 1589904945-cd65e25404d24693
    John Hardy
    President & CEO at The John Hardy Group
  • 1589905069-1eb0e6680f77c119
    Raj Singh
    Founder & CEO at Go Moment