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About this Webinar
Payment Processing can be complicated and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Join us as we talk to hoteliers and experts about simplifying payments and discuss the trends you need to look out for in 2021. Make sure you're providing a frictionless payment experience for both your staff and your guests. 2020 has shaken up the way we do everything and payments are no exception.

Meet the experts:
Chris Fendley, Executive Vice President, Mastercard
Rafael Blanes, VP, Sales, Cloudbeds
Sebastien Leitner, VP, Partnerships, Cloudbeds
Rayna Coleman, Payments Risk & Compliance Manager, Cloudbeds

Meet the hoteliers:
Lee Strickland, Cohort Hostel
Rebecca Jones, Pine Creek Escape
Adrianna Poulmentis, Ocean View Terrace
Lars Larson, Knik River Lodge

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  • :00 - Welcome & Housekeeping
  • :05 - 2021 Payments trends in travel with Chris Fendley, Mastercard & Sebastien Leitner, Cloudbeds
  • :22 - The Death of Non-Refundable & Advance Purchase Rates with Rafael Blanes, Cloudbeds, and his guests: Lee Strickland, Cohort Hostel, & Lars Larson, Knik River Lodge
  • :38 - How to minimize chargebacks and refunds? with Rayna Coleman, Cloudbeds, and her guests: Rebecca Jones, Pine Creek Escape & Adrianna Poulmentis, Ocean View Terrace
  • :55 - Open Mic - Q&A with the Cloudbeds Payments Team
  • :59 - Wrap up
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    Chris Fendley
    Chris Fendley is EVP at Mastercard and has global responsibility for B2B products and accounts across travel, freight, and supply chain. Chris has been with Mastercard for 10 years and prior to his current role managed loyalty and rewards services across Europe and Asia Pacific.
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    Lee Strickland
    Lee Strickland is the co-owner of Cohort, a multi-award winning, 60-bed hostel in the centre of St Ives, Cornwall - the UK's most popular holiday destination. Cohort was established in 2015 and for the 4 years prior to that Lee and her husband owned the highest rated (ref. Tripadvisor) B&B in St Ives. In a previous life in London Lee accrued over 14 years of experience in marketing, sales, and digital strategy.
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    Rebecca Jones
    As the owner and operator, Rebecca Jones has a long-time connection to the cabins and wedding canyon. As a mentee of the former owner, Rebecca has worked on the grounds since the age of 13, and worked through her teen and college years in the Wedding Canyon. With nearly a decade of experience in high-end event planning, Rebecca describes working at Pine Creek as a “dream come true” and aims to use her knowledge of event catering, wedding planning, and true love for the area to create spaces that offer balance and connection at Pine Creek.
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    Adrianna Poulmentis
    Young forward-thinking husband and wife duo that have set up shop with a small boutique Inn, Ocean View Terrace, located in Hampton Bays, NY. Ocean View Terrace Inn opened in the 1950's and has been family-owned and operated, by John’s grandparents, since 1980's. John and Adrianna bought out his grandparents and have become the new owners since last season 2020 (at the brink of COVID lol). The property was still very ‘nostalgic’ with remnants of the ’80s throughout till John and Adrianna took over.
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    Lars Larson
    Lars Larson is the General Manager of the Knik River Lodge and Raven’s Perch Restaurant in Palmer Alaska. Lars is in his third season of being in charge of operations at the lodge. Coming from a humble beginning of working his way up the chain, he spent five years moving around the National Park System in Concessions Management. After seeing what 48 states had to offer, Alaska was a natural step, and the Knik River Lodge a perfect fit for his versatile skill set.