The Billion Dollar Singles Day Virtual Summit is an exclusive 1-day conference featuring Asia's top retail leaders leading a series of keynotes and presentations to address the exciting opportunities retailers can embark on this Singles Day to maximise your sales revenue. The agenda features 15 sessions on topics including Marketing Automation, Influencer Marketing, Live & Social Commerce and more!

Join us on 21st October 2021 to hear from retailers & brands who are sending waves through the APAC online retail landscape on Singles Day via perfectly executed integrated marketing strategies.
  • Mobile Commerce - Singles Day is all about celebrating mobile users and ensuring optimum mobile experience and user engagement activities to encourage purchase and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Marketing Automation - Optimisation and streamlining of marketing efforts powered by artificial intelligence is of utmost importance for businesses to get the most out of this golden opportunity.
  • Influencer Marketing - Do not discount the power of celebrities and online influencers endorsements that can help elevate brand recognition and utilizes the influencers’ power to affect purchasing decision through authority, knowledge, position and/or relationship with his/her audience.
  • Live & Social Commerce - Immersive omnichannel activations helps amplify campaigns including activities like live-streaming which priotizes customer education and brand storytelling.
  • Personalisation & Gamification - Increase considerations through personalised promotions, personalised product recommendations packed with gamification such as web page curls helps to improve conversion rates and customer loyalty.
  • Fulfilment & Logistics management - Ensuring supply chain resilience with minimal disruptions in fulfillment capabilities including proper inventory management and build resilient delivery operations for an end-to-end pleasant journey for customers.
Ketheren Thorn
This webinar will show you…
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    Top Marketing Automation Strategies
    Optimise your marketing efforts with these new technologies.
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    Live & Social Commerce Strategies
    Prioritise brand storytelling to evoke emotions among your customers to increase your sales revenue.
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    Fulfillment & Logistics Management Strategies
    Ensure minimal disruptions and learn how to build a resilient delivery system.