Recorded Thu, August 6, 2020 7:30 am (EDT)
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    COVID-19 has brought about a seismic change in how Primary Care operates with reports estimating that digital adoption alone accelerated a staggering 5 years in just eight weeks.

    The NHS and Primary Care have admirably risen to the challenges of the past four months and out of adversity has come incredible innovation. However, as with any rapid shift in practices there is the need to ensure that the changes are being delivered in a manner that address the long term challenges and not just the short term needs.

    For example how should Practices handle the huge amount of patient data they can now access, how do they maintain GDPR compliance and how is their professional indemnity affected by video consultations are just a few of the myriad of questions Primary Care now face.

    Critical Lessons Primary Care Must Learn From

    With Primary and Community Care are under greater pressure than ever before, this webinar will debate how CCGs and PCNs can:

    • Create better patient-led experiences
    • Maintain compliance and best practice standards
    • Address GP retention
    • Remove barriers to sustainable digital modernisation
    • Improve workforce planning

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