By Popular Demand: the Vet Show team are bringing you one of the most popular business sessions from the London Vet Show 2021.

In this live session, Thom will explore tools and frameworks to address why the average veterinary team experience does not live up to the delightful customer experiences they are expected to deliver.

Plus a bonus for attendees - Dr Thom will be giving an exclusive look inside PetsApp after the main presentation. Stick around to see the technology that hundreds of practices across the UK are raving about.

About PetsApp
PetsApp is the world's leading veterinary communication platform. Bringing pet owners closer to their veterinary teams through 2-way text chat, video consults, appointment requests and free listings with review management. PetsApp has it all.
Wed, Dec 8, 2021 · 7:30 PM London (GMT 0:00)
  • Empathise with the changing expectations of your team
  • Apply customer experience methodologies to the employee experience
  • Prototype and test at least one employee experience improvement
Thom Jenkins
CEO & Co-Founder, Petsapp
Thom is Co-founder & CEO of PetsApp, a client engagement app used by over 300 veterinary clinics across the UK. He is a qualified vet, having served as Chief Operating Officer of veterinary groups in both the UK and Asia. He was the inaugural chair of VetForum in the UK, USA and APAC. He also sits on the board of YLD, a software engineering and design consultancy, working with the likes of The Economist, British Gas and The Trainline.