As a vital management partner in osteoarthritis owners are key in good clinical outcomes. Zoe Belshaw has looked extensively into the impact of canine osteoarthritis on the owners of affected pets. Her insights will help us understand the owner’s perspective to optimise their engagement and involvement in managing this progressive, painful disease. Zoe will discuss topics from her latest published work:

Belshaw, Z., Dean, R., and Asher, L. ‘’You can be blind because of loving them so much”: the impact on owners in the United Kingdom of living with a dog with osteoarthritis. BMC Veterinary Research 2020

Belshaw, Z., Dean, R., and Asher, L. Slower, shorter, sadder: a qualitative study exploring how dog walks change when the canine participant develops osteoarthritis. BMC Veterinary Research 2020

Professor John Innes draws on his decades of research and experience managing challenging canine osteoarthritis cases to share his approach to the OA/ mobility consult. He will share tips, what he has learned in practice, and what to avoid as you prepare for and conduct an OA consult in these challenging times, including optimising video assessment.

What has changed with the need for remote consults in place of physical consultations and what will still be relevant and helpful when things finally ‘return to normal’ in our veterinary practices?
Fri, Nov 13, 2020 · 12:00 PM London (GMT 0:00)
  • How does canine osteoarthritis impact owners
  • How do we optimise the owner’s insight into their dog for better outcomes and has this changed post-COVID?
  • What can you do before, during and after a remote consult to improve outcomes for dogs with OA?
  • Top tips for assessing canine mobility, whether the consult is virtual or not
  • Putting this into practice
John Innes
BVSc PhD CertVR DSAS(orth) FRCVS, Chief Veterinary Officer, CVS Group plc
John is a RCVS Specialist in small animal orthopaedics and has published over 90 peer-reviewed papers and 14 textbook chapters. He has a particular interest in canine osteoarthritis and he was the developer of the ‘Liverpool Osteoarthritis in Dogs’ clinical metrology instrument.
Dr Zoe Belshaw
MA Vet MB PhD Cert SAM Dip ECVIM-CA AFHEA MRCVS, PDSA veterinary surgeon and independent consultant
Zoe is a veterinary surgeon with a clinical specialism in small animal internal medicine. She has worked in general practice, referral clinics, university teaching hospitals and charity practice. Her ongoing collaborative research focuses on how veterinary professionals and owners make decisions about pets with chronic illness, and how the quality of life of those pets and owners can best be assessed.