Thought Leadership Series - South East Asia Data Centre Trends Ep 2

The pandemic has brought the economic benefits of data centres into sharp focus but the industry is power-intensive and the sector is increasingly scrutinised. In our interview with Jon Curry, Vice President of Operations, APAC at Digital Realty, we’ll discuss how data centre operators are taking on the sustainability challenges.
  • How is digital infrastructure delivery evolving to meet demand?
  • In terms of sustainability, what are some of the challenges of operating data centres in APAC?
  • Given the challenges around sustainability, particularly in places like Singapore, what are some of the viable solutions available?
  • How can policymakers, service providers, operators, and end users find a way to collaborate towards more sustainability goals?
  • How is Digital Realty evolving to a more energy-efficient world?
  • During the pandemic, managing internal communications has been a challenge for many organisations. And when done right, internal communications lead to higher levels of employee engagement and a stronger work culture. What are some tips on effective internal communication?
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