About This Webinar
The global veterinary sector will be forever changed by the events of 2020. The Vet Profession: Unfiltered will be a live (and lively) panel discussion that hosts folks who have become experts in COVID practice. These veterinary professionals will share their honest learnings and opinions on the events of 2020; the good, the bad, and the ugly as we try and process what it all means.

In this extended edition of the Vet Show Global Series, our panelist will shed any rose-tinted filters and talk honestly about the realities of the veterinary profession in a post-COVID-19 world. You’ll hear tales from three vastly different veterinary hubs; Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The audience has the opportunity to pose questions like: What does economic downturn mean for us and how can we prepare? What can we learn from different practices – who’s getting it “right”? Is this the start of a telemedicine revolution? Are we getting what we need from regulatory bodies?

The questions asked will be entered by participants prior to the event beginning and chaired by Alison Lambert, founder of Onswitch. There will also be time for a brief Q&A after the main discussion. So, don’t be shy – sign up, ask a question, and get ready for a truly unique once-in-a-pandemic learning experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore different responses to Covid-19 from different countries and practice types

  • Grasp a better understanding of issues surrounding the future running of veterinary practices.

  • Identify various strategies to respond to various issues facing the veterinary world in 2020.

This program has been submitted (but is not yet approved) for 1 hour of CE credit in jurisdictions which recognize RACE approval.

Alison Lambert, BVSc, CMRS, MRCVS
Founder, Onswitch
Following qualification from Liverpool University in 1989, Alison worked in practice for several years before pursuing a business career with Hills Pet Nutrition and MARS, where she discovered the passion for the customer experience that her award-winning company, Onswitch, is renowned for today. Established in 2001, Onswitch promotes customer-centred practice so pets, horses, and livestock receive the best care; providing research, marketing, CPD, and business consultancy with an effective, innovative, straight-talking, and client-led approach.

Alison is an Associate Professor of Veterinary Business and a lecturer at The University of Nottingham Vet School, teaching Customer Understanding. She is published widely and regularly speaks at key international veterinary congresses and events.
Michael Tokiwa, DVM
Veterinarian/Owner, Progressive Veterinary Care Connector and Radio & YouTube Personality
Michael ‘Dr. T’ Tokiwa is a Family Man, Veterinarian, and founder and owner of Progressive Veterinary Care, a small animal hospital near Princeton NJ. He also hosts a radio show called Your Pet Matters out of 1077 The Bronc in Lawrenceville NJ, as well as a podcast and Youtube Channel called the collaborative vet. In his spare time, you can find the self-proclaimed CanAsian, spending quality time with his family, riding his One Wheel or Motorcycle, Drumming to his favorite tunes, or getting into trouble with his rescue dog Chikubi and foster dog, Bailey.
Jenny Reason BVSc, MRCVS
Director/Owner and Veterinary Surgeon, Bury St Edmunds Veterinary Centre
Dr. Jenny Reason is a Veterinary Practice owner and the mother of a 2-year-old. Since graduating from the University of Liverpool in 2013, Dr. Reason has worked solely in first opinion small animal practice across Suffolk, UK. Having always wondered how it was possible to own your own practice, she stopped wondering and started planning. In May 2019 she opened Bury St Edmunds Veterinary Centre with her business partner and Vet Dr. Carly Day. Opening a practice that excels in providing veterinary care to the local community by instilling trust in their team, patients, and clients.
Cathy U'Ren, EMBA, GAICD
Chief Wellness Officer and Owner, Pet Wellness Centre, Burleigh Heads
Cathy U’Ren is owner and Chief Wellness Officer of Pet Wellness Centre, located on the Gold Coast, Australia. Around four years ago Cathy abandoned the corporate world to pursue a passion to truly raise the bar in animal healthcare. Cathy is not a veterinarian, but she is a pet owner and she drew on her own wish list as a pet parent combined with her decades of business and management experience to build her first Pet Wellness Centre from the ground up.

Pet Wellness Centre is a full-service veterinary clinic that prides itself on being “more than just a vet”. Having no preconceived ideas of how a veterinary clinic should be, Cathy built Pet Wellness Centre with a wholly customer-focused perspective. Pet Wellness Centre’s ethos is Pet Wellness | Human Wellness | Community Wellness. Pets make people better people and by helping pets live longer, healthier, happier lives we contribute to the wellness of humans, and in turn the wellness of the community. Possessing unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of international corporate groups, Cath has been able to exploit the strengths of a small local business while drawing on her experience of running a national healthcare network to build a Centre that has treated more than 4,000 patients in its first three years.

Pet Wellness Centre’s super friendly and sometimes cheeky personality directly reflects Cath’s attitude to work and life. She prides herself on her team-building ability and with over 15 years’ experience in key leadership roles, Cath has honed her own unique leadership and business building style based on her philosophy that “If you focus on the people, the money will come. If you focus on the money, the people will go”.

Cath is a kickboxer, a yogi, and an adventurer and explains her life mission as “the relentless pursuit of interesting experiences”. She believes people are the most fascinating experience of all.

Pet Wellness Centre Burleigh Heads is just the beginning…