Available from the 5th November | for UK HCPs/ORDMs only

A discussion on a pharmacy service package for acute otitis externa (AOE), from Deborah Evans (Pharmacy Complete) and Patrick Morgan (PharmaDoctor).

Deborah will highlight the importance of such a service given the current climate, and what benefits this can provide, not only to Community Pharmacy but the wider NHS. Patrick will explain how the service package works and the convenience and clinical robustness this provides for pharmacists and patients alike.

Learning Points:
• The relevance of this service in the present situation
• What a pharmacy service package includes
• The convenience of the eTool (including demo)
• An overview of how the service works in practice
• The potential benefits this could bring to your Pharmacy

The ear infection service package has been funded by Aspire Pharma
on-demand webinar
Deborah Evans
FFRPS FRPharmS FRSPH, Owner & Managing Director, Pharmacy Complete
A pharmacist for over 35 years, Deborah is passionate about patient care and her profession. She has worked as a community pharmacy manager, senior leader within the industry, as Director of Pharmacy at the NPA, on the RPS Board and runs her own training and consultancy company. She is known for her work in public health, having led and developed the Healthy Living Pharmacy concept to a national roll-out. Deborah still works regularly with patients in a surgery-based pharmacy.
Patrick Morgan
Market Development Manager, PharmaDoctor
A member of the original PharmaDoctor team, Patrick has helped establish the company as the UK’s leading provider of clinical service packages to pharmacists. He has driven the expansion of the client base and the uptake of the 55+ clinical service packages on offer, overseeing and aiding the implementation of PharmaDoctor supported services in thousands of pharmacies across the country, from independent stores to national chains.
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