GAIA-X is a project initiated by Europe, for Europe, with the aim of developing common requirements for a European Data Infrastructure. It is based on the principles of Openness & Transparency, Interoperability, Federated systems, Authenticity and Trust, reflecting the core values of the European Community.

This summit is for all who are interested in Data Protection, Compliance, Ecosystems, Digital Business Models, Data Sovereignty and Digital Transformation in general.

In 5 main panels, we will be looking at the current implementation of Gaia-X. Not to discuss technical details, but to understand how the core values of Gaia-X determine its whole architecture. Thus we will look at Gaia-X from both a user's and an architect's perspective.

9:00-9:25 - Opening Panel
What Gaia-X is and what Gaia-X is not. Learn more about the underlying principles of Gaia-X and its potential for providers, end-users and society as a whole.

9:30-10:10 - Products and Services Panel
One of the main goals of Gaia-X is to provide a framework inherently favourable to the creation of new and innovative business models. But what does it take to be part of Gaia-X? How can one become a node in this ecosystem? And what can the end-user gain from all this?

10:20-11:00 - Software & Architecture Panel
Meet the architects behind the ecosystem. How do we make sure the underlying principles are "by design" part of the system? Who are the actors in this ecosystem? How do data and infrastructure come together to form one?

11:10-11:50 - Operational Infrastructure Panel
Digging deeper, this panel looks at how physical infrastructure is seen by the Gaia-X ecosystem. What happens if a node is down? How to prevent such an incident? And finally, can Gaia-X contribute to the much-needed advancement towards Green IT?

11:50 - 12:20 Lunch Break

12:20-13:00 - Storage, Compute and Network Panel
This panel will outline the technical requirements of computing and network technology of Gaia-X nodes.

13:10-13:50 - Certification and Accreditation Panel
How is this ecosystem regulated and how do actors gain trust from each other? This panel looks at procedures and mechanisms that allow actors to explicitly qualify for Gaia-X requirements.

14:00-14:25 - Closing Panel
A wrap-up and opportunity to discuss open questions as well as a glance at future developments.
  • 1610709116-6c13ddb9c3efdbe1
    Susanne Dehmel
    Mitglied der Geschäftsführung, Bitkom
    Susanne Dehmel is a member of the management team at Bitkom, where she is responsible for the Legal & Security division and the topic of artificial intelligence. She is a member of the Enquete Commission of the German Bundestag "Artificial Intelligence - Social Responsibility and Economic, Social and Ecological Potential". FSelfregulierung Informationswirtschaft e.V. (SRIW) as well as safe online in Germany. An important part of her work is the promotion of trust and security in the digital world and the practical further development of the legal framework for the digital economy and society.
  • 1610710511-9b9d6067f4fbc1cd
    Falk Weinreich
    General Manager Central Europe, OVHcloud
    At the beginning of December 2019, Falk Weinreich moved from Colt Data Center Services to OVHcloud to the newly created position of General Manager Central Europe. Before that, Falk was Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at Colt Data Center Services, where he led a global team in the company's data center business. Overall, Falk Weinreich can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the ITC industry.
  • 1610964365-2406c4e9c6fbfb73
    Thomas Niessen
    Managing Director, Trusted Cloud
    Experienced manager; MD of an association, former VP of a software company: content and knowledge management, AI and cloud solutions. Managed large IT innovation/transformation programs with multiple stakeholders
    Special expertise in publicly funded projects, IT security and privacy.
    Certification WG lead in the GAIA-X project
  • 1610964538-fe89b7638887831b
    Alban Schmutz
    SVP Public Affairs
    SVP Public Affairs, OVHcloud ; GAIA-X interim Deputy CTO ; Chairman CISPE

    Alban Schmutz has 20 years of successful and diversified experience in self-starting businesses and public affairs strategies in the IT/Cloud computing markets with a strong expertise of driving success with internal and external key stakeholders (including competitors or governments/regulators). Alban is passionate about both defining the strategy and execution to transform the vision into operational success on the short term. Alban Schmutz likes very much fast-paced operating environments demanding to think out of the box, transforming hurdles into opportunities.
  • 1610964613-13f99342bfc281dd
    Stefan Schäfer
    Product Marketing Team Manager, OVHcloud
    Marketing Executive with proven experience in product management, IT and marketing. Strong expertise in the development of market entry strategies on an international level. More than 15 years in senior leadership roles.
  • 1610965684-b457cc83f6104a6b
    Thomas Wawra
    CEO, DCE Academy
    Dipl. Ing. Thomas Wawra founded DCE academy GmbH in 2007 and developed the company into the leading provider of manufacturer-neutral training in the field of data centres based on the EN 50600 standard. As a sponsor, he actively supports the internationalization of the ISO 22237 standard and speaks at congresses worldwide about standardization issues.
  • 1610965830-8bb0ad12a887e8f1
    Frank Zachmann
    Experienced Chairperson with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong skills in Digital Infrastructure and Data Center industry. Proven track record in Sales & Marketing, Go-to-market Strategy, Strategic Partnerships, Professional Services and Consultancy. Strong business development professional graduated from Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main.
  • 1610965961-74c52a30aec85c77
    Markus Kuhnert
    Markus Kuhnert, is the founder and CEO and Chief Nerd of BRANDGUARDIAN. For more than 20 years, BRANDGUARDIAN has been empowering brands with innovative software products for more consistent and efficient marketing communication and global media production.
  • 1610980844-e87f90ced317cebb
    Lukas Klingholz
    Head of Cloud, GAIA-X and AI
    Lukas coordinates the Bitkom working groups on artificial intelligence, big data & cloud computing. This includes topics like the future European AI regulation & the sovereign cloud & data infrastructure project GAIA-X.
  • 1610984780-1a8f1beef47b6820
    Francois Sterin
    EVP & Chief Industrial Officer, OVHcloud
    Francois Sterin is Executive Vice President and Chief Industrial Officer at OVHcloud. In this role, Francois leads the technical infrastructure, from the server assembly lines to the design, construction and operations of data centers globally. Francois joined the OVHcloud adventure in July 2017, after 15 years of experience developing global infrastructure for Telecom and Internet companies.
  • 1611230540-7d62cb5f7c26e682
    Frank Ingenrieth
    Deputy Managing Director, Selbstregulierung Internetwirtschaft (SRIW)
    Frank is Deputy Managing Director at Selbstregulierung Informationswirtschaft (SRIW), particularly coordinating and managing audit and compliance activities, as well as Director and Monitoring and Auditing, Legal Affairs at SCOPE Europe, a subsidiary of SRIW. He constantly contributes to expert and stakeholder groups. He has in-depth knowledge within IT and Media Law with Data Protection as field of expertise. He passed both State Exams, strongly focusing on Information and Communication Law (first State Exam), deepening his expertise by choosing Media and Copyright Law as area of focus for his second State Exam. He also holds a related Master of Laws Degree and passed the theoretical part for Professional Lawyers in that area. He is certified Data Protection Officer and Data Protection Auditor, and independent, registered lawyer. Before being with SRIW/SCOPE Europe, he gained experience from different perspectives, incl. international law firms, IT companies and data protection supervisory authorities.
  • 1611653740-f79b4417938c3871
    Ronny Reinhardt
    Team Lead Business Development, Cloud&Heat
    Ronny Reinhardt is the Team Lead Business Development at Cloud&Heat Technologies. Ronny has been involved with Gaia-X since October 2019. He has served as a co-head of the Self-Description Work Group and in the Architecture Board and is currently a member of the Interim Technical Committee and the Co-Head of the Working Group Provider. Before joining Cloud&Heat, Ronny was a researcher and lecturer for technology and innovation management at FSU Jena, the University of Utah, and TU Dresden, earning him a Ph.D. degree and research awards.
  • 1610617084-794d2e964bc29089
    Sabine Wilfling
    Unit Lead Public/Government at Scheer GmbH
    Dr. Sabine Wilfling is unit lead Public/Government at Scheer. With over 10 years of solid strategic and operational business consulting experience in cross-industry organizations, Sabine Wilfling has gained experience in small, flexible environments as well as at the board level of large corporations. Dr. Sabine Wilfling believes that DATA and TALENT are the raw materials to make innovation happen, scale ideas and boost long-term success of new business models. Her very own "aim for the game": Make more cross sectoral data available, break up data silos and improve the way in which data is used for tackling social, climate and environmental challenges, contributing to a more healthier and sustainable society.
  • 1610557593-4db9eab1ad1e1ddd
    Roman Bansen
    Head of IT Infrastructure at Bitkom e.V.
    Roman Bansen works at the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications & New Media e.V. (Bitkom) as a consultant for IT infrastructures. Among other things, he oversees the working groups on data centers, high performance computing and communication technologies. After studying at the Humboldt University in Berlin, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Shenzhen University in China, he received his doctorate in physics in 2016.
  • 1610556708-6d0046b04fcbf8b0
    Andreas Weiss
    Member executive team & GAIA-X, eco e.V.
    Andreas Weiss identifies and facilitates crossover competencies and evolvesbusiness models for digital platforms in the range of core infrastructure up to high level digital services and interconnected digital platforms.
  • 1610555174-5fe5d99782e1f97b
    Ulrich Walter
    IT Architect Cloud Solutions, Gaia-X at IBM
    Consulting and design for AI and deep learning solutions along the data supply chain from data collection to inference models. Specialized on architectural planning for IT infrastructure and consultancy on operational efficiency. Broad eco system with IT vendors, StartUps, IT business partners, CSIs, MSPs and solution providers. Expert on cloud computing for both infrastructure planning and service concepts.
  • 1610556429-23c0a7b4de1b96ec
    Thomas Seeber
    Director Commercial Operations, Innio Group
    Thomas Seeber works for INNIO Jenbacher since 2009, where he currently holds a role as Sales and Business Development Director. In this role he is focused on positioning reciprocating gas engines in the various segments of power generation and its applications (e.g. data center).
  • 1611650608-cf378243d0674507
    Tim Schorno
    Co-founder & Host at Uptime Punks | Senior Content Executive, CloserStill Media
    Tim Schorno joined CloserStill Media's Tech Portfolio in 2019, where he oversees the Conference and Content Production of Big Data & AI World Frankfurt. He works closely with all stakeholders to ensure the editorial and commercial success of the event. His passion for digitial transformation and change led him into the world of podcasts as the Co-Founder & Host of the UptimePunks. Before joining CloserStill Media, Tim worked for Switzerland´s biggest news outlet as a freelance reporter on local and national level and was deputy head of the regional office in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
  • 1610964648-f6629fe9bd841883
    Vincent Barro
    Vice President Data Centre Business, DACH, Schneider Electric
    Vincent Barro is Vice-President of the IT Business in Switzerland & End-Users in the DACH Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), he's as well Vice-President of Business Development for Switzerland & Austria. After several years leading this business in France, Ireland, UK and now DACH region, Vincent has acquired a lot of experiences and a solid network. Passionate about different cultures and customer approaches, he knows that the devil is always in the details and that communication, transparency are key. Vincent has more than 12 years’ experience in the Data Centre business, he holds an MBA from IAE Aix and a Master’s degree in Innovation and Strategy from Toulouse School of Management.
  • 1611653962-bdbbdfc8987fbf74
    Paul Hammer
    Co-founder & Host, Uptime Punks | Event Manager at CloserStill Media
    Paul Hammer is the Co-founder and Host of the Uptime Punks, the world's fastest growing Tech podcast and oxygen to the digital world. Paul is passionate about digital transformation and infrastructure. In his podcast, he and his Co-host meet digital leaders from organisations around the world to talk about current challenges such as climate change, sustainability, skills shortage and emerging tech. Paul is also the Event Manger of CloserStill Media's German Tech Events namely Cloud Expo Europe, Big Data & AI World and Data Centre World, the latter being the event where he first got in touch with the magic of Data Centres.
  • 1610617256-dd71a4503295d48b
    Joerg Heese
    Head of Partner Management Cloud Services, 1&1 IONOS
    Joerg Heese is managing the strategic partnerships of IONOS. In his role he is taking care of the successful cooperation with various technology partners and international consortia.
    Joerg Heese has over ten years of experience in the hosting & cloud business with a strong focus on infrastructure solutions. He holds a degree in Business Administration but has also a strong technical background. Before joining IONOS, Joerg Heese worked in different positions at Claranet and Interoute. He has also been part of the founding team of a technology start-up in the late 1990s.
  • 1610707877-03a9656792f55674
    Fred Jopp
    Head of Industrial Project Management, USU GmbH
    Fred Jopp is Head of Industrial Project Management at USU Software AG, where he is responsible for the management of all industrial projects that deal with big data analytics. He designs smart services at Katana / USU, has a background in big data analytics, algorithm development and object-oriented programming. As a private lecturer, he has been teaching data science at the Graduate School of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and at the Center for Smart Services / FIR at RWTH Aachen University since 2016, modules from the RWTH certificate course Smart Service Manager. He is the author of numerous specialist publications.
  • 1610708735-72fb284cbbbc5225
    Dominik Stingl
    Project Manager, DE-CIX Management GmbH
    Dominik Stingl graduated as a Computer Scientist and holds a PhD from TU Darmstadt in the area of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. During his PhD he did research in the area of distributed and decentralized networks. Before joining DE-CIX, he worked as an IT consultant for the installation and operation of large Big Data clusters in the financial sector. At DE-CIX, he is responsible for the GAIA-X project and works on the topics of Interconnection and Networking.