On the 30th of June, Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt will be hosting the ‘European Cyber Security Summit’. Frankfurt is the gateway to Europe and offers key insights for business leaders and IT professionals that are interested in protecting their digital assets.

Agenda (All times in CEST)

14:00 - 14:30
Strategies for Effective and Scalable Cloud Security
Martin Dombrowski - Regional Director - Guardicore
Rethink Your Firewall Strategy in Your Hybrid Cloud Environments
The world is shifting away from building (fire)walls in the cloud. A workload-centric approach to security is strongly being adopted in cloud environments and microperemiters led by software defined segmentation are becoming the new standard. In this talk we will explore this shift in the world, why firewalls are proving to be inadequate for cloud environments and what potential alternatives exist, covering pros and cons of each.

14:30 - 15:00
Secure Access with Duo
Stefan Seitz - Cloud Security Account Manager - Duo Security
After you’ve solved your core authentication needs, what’s the next step in securing access to your critical resources? Your users are validated, but they still connect through a network from potentially vulnerable computers and mobile devices.
So how do you identify which of these devices are compromised endpoints?

Password-based authentication is no longer useful. Passwords are expensive, difficult to manage, create a poor user experience, and are easily compromised.

15:00 - 15:30
Applying Cyber Threat Intelligence across the entire Organisation
Jens Monrad - Director, Head of Mandiant Intelligence, EMEA - FireEye
The cyber threat landscape is not static. Therefore, organizations need reliable context and information that they can apply across functions to be prepared and plan for future cyberattack scenarios. Cyber Threat Intelligence is a vital part today of any organization, yet many organizations only rely on it for operational use. In this session, Jens will cover some of the use cases and start building out processes that will allow the entire organization to benefit from Cyber Threat Intelligence.

15:30 - 16:00
IoT Under Attack: Thwarting Zero-Days with Cyber AI
David Masson - Director of Enterprise Cyber Security - Darktrace
Marcus Fowler - Director of Strategic Threat - Darktrace
From internet-connected CCTV cameras to manufacturing plants, the proliferation of IoT devices continues to expand digital enterprises, and push stretched security teams to their limits. While developers have focused on perfecting the convenience and utility of their products, many IoT devices are rushed to market without security in mind, and represent the perfect means of stealthy and surreptitious entry for attackers.

16:00 - 16:30
Enterprise Endpoint Strategy from the Cloud - 2021 and Beyond!
Romanus Prabhu Raymond- Global Head - Technical Support of Endpoint Management and Security - ManageEngine
Find the causes and consequences of risks in Endpoint Security in cloud and hybrid workspaces
• Analyse key challenges IT decision-makers are facing today
• How endpoint threats are changing
• Latest trends to take control of your endpoints
• Evolution towards the Hybrid workforce - the new normal
• Identifying the endpoint visibility gap
• Understanding Enterprise endpoint Security and adoption towards the cloud

For more information contact: germantech@closerstillmedia.com

Wed, Jun 30, 2021 · 2:00 PM Berlin (GMT +2:00)
David Masson - Director of Enterprise Cyber Security, Darktrace
David Masson is Darktrace’s Director of Enterprise Security, and has over two decades of experience working in fast moving security and intelligence environments in the UK, Canada and worldwide. With skills developed in the civilian, military and diplomatic worlds, he has been influential in the efficient and effective resolution of various unique national security issues. David is an operational solutions expert and has a solid reputation across the UK and Canada for delivery tailored to customer needs. At Darktrace, David advises strategic customers across North America and is also a regular contributor to major media outlets in Canada where he is based, included CBC and The Globe and Mail. He holds a master’s degree from Edinburgh University.
Marcus Fowler - Director of Strategic Threat, Darktrace
Marcus Fowler spent 15 years at the Central Intelligence Agency developing global cyber operations and technical strategies, until joining Darktrace in 2019. He has led cyber efforts with various US Intelligence Community elements and global partners, and has extensive experience advising senior leaders on cyber efforts. He is recognized as a leader in developing and deploying innovative cyber solutions. Prior to serving at the CIA, Marcus was an officer in the United States Marine Corps. Marcus has an engineering degree from the United States Naval Academy and a Masters' Degree in International Security Studies from The Fletcher School. He also completed Harvard Business School's Executive Education Advanced Management Program.
Martin Dombrowski - Regional Director, Guardicore
Martin Dombrowski has over 15 years’ experience in the IT Security industry, and currently works as a Security Engineer at Guardicore. He is a respected and award-winning keynote speaker – including at the IT Business Academy – as well as an author of numerous articles, and lecturer on the subject of IT Security at the Technical College of Kiel and Technical College of Economics in Paderborn.
Romanus Prabhu Raymond - Global Head - Technical Support of Endpoint Management and Security, ManageEngine
With over 18 years of experience spanning from the legacy client management to modern endpoint management & security solution domains, he directly overseas consultation, implementation and partner coordination across the globe. Being no stranger to the stage, he holds the title of ME guru, providing direction and ideas to many professionals and peers in his field.
Natalie Williams - Virtual & Cloud Security Account Manager, Duo Security
Natalie Williams, is an expert at Duo’s solutions (MFA, Access & Beyond). Natalie now assists Cisco as a subject matter expert (SME), guiding businesses and leading the adoption of cloud services and Zero Trust.
Stefan Seitz - Cloud Security Account Manager, Duo Security
Stefan Seitz, is a specialist at Duo’s solutions (MFA, Access & Beyond). Stefan, guides small to mid sectors on how to best implement a Zero Trust strategy whilst adapting to remote work. Stefan, now assists Cisco as a subject matter expert (SME), guiding businesses and leading the adoption of cloud services and Zero Trust.
Jens Monrad - Director, Head of Mandiant Intelligence, EMEA - FireEye
Jens Christian Høy Monrad has worked in IT security for more than 15 years. Jens heads he Mandiant Intelligence Business and in his role, he provides analysis based on the latest threat intelligence to help organizations understand the risks they face based on the way they operate. His scope includes attacks on both public and private organizations by cyber criminal groups, state-linked actors, as well as hacktivists. He has counseled some of the world’s largest companies, and many government organizations, including several defense and intelligence organizations. Based in Copenhagen, Jens has presented at numerous conferencesin Europe and the Middle East, and his commentary is regularly included in media reports. Jens is an active member of the IT industry's eliability and threat landscape community member in the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).