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Big Data & AI World is proud to present Continuous Intelligence Day to discuss the importance of Continuous Intelligence in your business in 2022 and beyond.

Continuous Intelligence Day is a one-day Virtual Event, offering key solution providers an opportunity to connect and engage with key decision makers in the Financial Services sector in ASEAN and share the best practices to demystify the great challenges of “continuous intelligence” and turn them into greater opportunities for real-world business.
Thu, Feb 24, 2022 · 10:00 AM
Duration: 6 hours 30 minutes
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  • Money Laundering - AI and cognitive solutions are commonly deployed to monitor transactions and detect money laundering using specialised algorithms. They can also help to detect hidden patterns missed by human counterparts and create accurate segments leading to better thresholds for anti-money laundering programs.
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention - Using AI to detect fraud i.e. payment fraud, has aided businesses in improving internal security and simplifying corporate operations. Machine learning algorithms are also crucial in fraud-specific data science approaches.
  • Risk Management - Big data and automation can be tremendous catalysts to accelerate significant advancements in risk management by enabling companies to continuously monitor risk at scale both cost-effectively and efficiently. Organizations that have made the move to continuous risk intelligence are now faced with the dilemma of transforming the vast amount of risk intelligence into action.
  • Regulatory Compliance - Robotic process automation and artificial intelligence are among the top technologies contributing to contracting compliance. Ensuring compliance with evolving requirements comes from combining new technologies with incremental training.
  • Forex & Trading - AI-assisted trading decisions help traders to track and improve their trading performance, reducing the risk of loss. While simplifying data analysis, the use of AI trading tools helps traders increase their profit-making potential.
  • Legacy Data Migration - Continuous intelligence and 5G networking are fast friends. Few 4G mobile networks are engineered to handle a deluge of data heading into the network, but planning for 5G networking includes this scenario. Many legacy devices generate vast amounts of data; increasing the need for real-time processing.
  • CX Analytics - Real-time analytics might provide long-term benefits through continuous intelligence. If customers are dissatisfied or frustrated with automated systems, machine learning and continuous intelligence could provide the same type of insight into their challenges.
  • Virtual & Digital Banking - The true value in continuous intelligence is in the interaction between humans and machine learning each playing to their strengths. Intelligent Banking capabilities combine predictive analytics and customer-centric design to transform data into hyper-personalised, intuitive – and unintrusive – insights that simplify the way customers manage their finances and investments.

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