Recorded Tue, July 21, 2020 2:00 pm (EDT)
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    London (GMT 1:00)
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    Part one of this two-part series will discuss the concept and implementation of minimum intervention oral healthcare and the role of sugarfree gum. Speakers will consider the concept of minimum intervention oral healthcare delivery and sugarfree gum in preventative regimes. Speakers will systematically review and synthesise the findings of published studies exploring the oral health impact of chewing sugarfree gum and the health benefits of salivary stimulation. The session will frame and look forward to session two’s discussion on behaviour change and implementing sugarfree gum within preventive strategies.

    Learning objectives:

    • Describe the minimum intervention approach towards delivering better oral health;
    • Outline the effects of sugarfree gum on oral tissues and their effectiveness in different populations;
    • Discuss the implementation of sugarfree gum in minimum intervention preventive regimes to help combat oral diseases/conditions;
    • Understand the basic formulation, claims and regulatory positioning of sugarfree gum;
    • Describe how sugarfree gum exerts oral health benefits primarily through salivary stimulation;
    • Describe how different sweeteners and active agents might influence efficacy of sugarfree gum;
    • Highlight the range of published studies that have explored the impact of sugarfree gum on oral health;
    • Outline the effects of sugarfree gum on salivary flow.
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