Living in harmony with nature

ClientEarth Summit - Day 3, Green Recovery

Session 12: Living in harmony with nature
11 November, 9am PST | 12pm EST | 5pm GMT - Duration 1 hour

The pressures driving biodiversity loss are intensifying just when transformative action is most needed. How is the global environmental community working together to help achieve the 2050 vision of ‘Living in Harmony with Nature’?

Biodiversity is the foundation on which all human life depends. The fresh water, food, medicine and materials essential to good human health and productive livelihoods come from the precious resources that nature provides. A protected and flourishing natural world is also vital for climate stability and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

But the latest Global Biodiversity Outlook has found we are failing to meet the targets essential to protect biodiversity and safeguard the life support systems that underpin life on earth. But is not too late to slow, halt and eventually reverse the trends of this decline. Policymakers, scientists, and country negotiators are now preparing for the next generation of biodiversity goals to be enshrined by the 15th Convention of the Parties in 2021. Ecosystems, species, and genetic diversity will all require distinct goals, woven together and sufficiently ambitious to achieve the level of action the crisis demands. Our experts discuss how their work from different fields are helping to shape the agenda for biodiversity, and give nature a safety net and space it needs to thrive.

Professor Dr. Christina Voigt, Department of Public and International law, University of Oslo
Melina Sakiyama, Co-Founder, Global Youth Biodiversity Network
Jonny Hughes, WCMC Chief Executive Officer, UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centree

Anna Heslop, Head of Wildlife and Habitats, ClientEarth

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