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Presentation by - Dr Liron Nehmadi

About This Webinar

In this session Dr. Liron Nehmadi - Chief Product Officer, Catch Group from Australia will share a presentation on navigate between strong opinions of stakeholders, engineers, UX, and product people to close the gap between mobile and desktop conversion rate.

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Webinar hosting presenter
Chief Product Officer, Catch Group, Australia
Liron started as a "people person" by completing with excellence a degree in
psychology in 2005. Fascinated with people behavior his search led him to the
field of Human Factors Engineering and receiving his master’s degree in 2008
followed by his Ph.D. in 2012. Liron is a true believer that the only way to become
a Human Factors expert is by combining academics with practical work and
understanding and practice UX with respect to all the positions that take place in
developing digital products. Liron’s interest and capabilities are around strategic
planning aiming to increase novelty, innovation, and experience; executed in a
practical and usable manner. Liron has nearly 20 years of experience in as UI
designer, UX strategist, project and product manager, business strategist. He is
currently chief product officer at Catch group in Australia
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