About This Event
Migrating applications from legacy infrastructure to the cloud can increase agility and enable digital transformation. In this webinar, we will explore common migration challenges, how to overcome them, and outline a roadmap to achieve technical migration success.

Join ClearScale and AWS migration experts to learn how to define an application migration plan. Discover real-world examples of common technical challenges and solutions for a successful application migration.

Key Topics Include:
• Application migration stages and best practices
• Solutions for typical technical challenges
• The seven most common application migration strategies (aka "The 7 R’s")
• Application "Re-platforming" – Pros and Cons
• The Value of "Refactoring/Re-architecting" your application
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    Ed Ip
    Solutions Architect, ClearScale
    ClearScale delivers best-of-breed cloud systems integration, application development, and managed services. We are experts in utilizing proven cloud technologies and are on the cutting edge of integrating emerging cloud technologies into our practice.