Thursday, Oct 15 | 2:00 PM (EDT)
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About This Webinar
Learn the latest best practices around DevOps on AWS and discover how your organization can automate manual tasks, manage complex environments at scale, keep engineers more agile, innovate faster, and significantly decrease time to market for your applications.

Register for our webinar and learn how to build automated pipelines and IaC (Infrastructure as Code) using AWS services such as AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeDeploy and discover how these services can help your organization grow more efficient at driving business results.
  • How to manage IT infrastructure as Code (IaC) for faster deployments
  • How to build continuous CI/CD workflow for higher software quality
  • Explore services that work with CI/CD Pipelines and IaC
  • How to deploy microservices architecture for better isolation and resilience
  • How to monitor application and infrastructure performance
Gustavo Rios
Solutions Architect
Gustavo Rios is a Solutions Architect at ClearScale, with more than 20 years of experience in the IT and DevOps field, he holds several AWS Certifications with AWS, being Solutions Architect Professional and DevOps Engineer Professional among them.