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About This Webinar
In 2021, many organizations will be taking advantage of their data with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to gain practical business value, deliver better insights, streamline operations, and accelerate innovation.

You are invited to join our End-to-end Machine Learning Lifecycle Management Webinar on March 18th, 2021. Get inspired and learn how you can create and manage end-to-end Machine Learning Life Cycle including ML Operations, building models, and model management with AWS services like: Amazon Sagemaker Notebooks, Amazon Sagemaker Training & Experiments, AWS Deep Learning Containers, AWS Glue and more.
  • Prepare and Analyze Your Data for ML (i.e., AWS Glue, Data Catalog, Lake Formation; Amazon Athena)
  • Design and Develop Models (i.e., Amazon SageMaker Notebooks and Studio)
  • Train and Evaluate Models (i.e., Amazon SageMaker Training, Experiments, Debugger, HPO Auto-Tuning; AWS Deep Learning Containers)
  • Deploy your Models and Generate Predictions (i.e., Amazon SageMaker Inference, InferenceToolkit; API Gateway, Cognito, AWS Lambda; AWS Glue FindMatches ML Transform, FastText, XGBoost, DistilBERT)
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