About This Webinar
Modern application architectures give you the power to build and deploy into secure, cost effective, always available environments managed by AWS. AWS application development services are built with agility in mind which allows your organization to innovate faster.

Register for our webinar and learn about the newest application development services: AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync. Give your developers control over their application deployment pipeline, help eliminate complex serverless configurations, and improve application performance.

During the webinar, we will give a hands-on demonstration on how to build and deploy a serverless application using AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, and other cutting edge AWS services.
  • How AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify can improve your application performance
  • How AWS serverless and modern application designs increases agility and lowers cost
  • How to deploy an application in the cloud using AWS AppSync, AWS Amplify and Amazon DynamoDB (Demo)
  • Best practices and customer highlights from our cloud experts
  • And more...
Stephen Johnson
Tech Lead - Mobile (AWS)
Stephen is the Tech Lead for Mobile at AWS, and works closely with customers using Amplify and AppSync in their solutions. He started at Amazon in 2011, where he helped launch the Amazon Appstore. Since joining AWS he has been an IoT, User Engagement, and Mobile Specialist. Steve enjoys developing solutions in AWS and presenting at conferences and AWS webinars.
Daniel Kim
Partner Solutions Architect (AWS)
Daniel is a Solutions Architect at AWS supporting ClearScale with technical development of partner capabilities on AWS platform. He has over 15 years of experience in application development and technical management, and specializes in Serverless architecture in helping customers modernize their applications as they move to AWS.
Ben May
Solutions Architect
Ben is a Solutions Architect at ClearScale focusing on DevOps and Cloud Architecture. He is committed to designing and implementing the most cost-effective and efficient cloud architectures for multiple software systems and working with the teams to support and deploy those applications.