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    What are the central elements of the EC plan for European Customs? What are the new concepts for customs of the UK government? What is a myth and what plans are real?

    Each lecturer will do a 15-minute presentation and respond to questions. The recording of the webinar will be sent to all registered participants to study in their own time if unable to attend the live session.

    Some of the speakers of this webinar are also authors and trainers in the extensive knowledge course: ‘Customs Clearance and Trade Compliance in the EU’. If you feel that systematic knowledge in the field is what you need then this training is your ultimate way to receive it!

  • Agenda
    • ‘What is planned for Europe?’ by Anthony Buckley, Chair of Customs Knowledge Institute. The European Commission is finalising plan for European Customs up to 2030 while completing the implementation of the UCC up to 2025. At the same time, the UK government is introducing some new concepts for customs, which have implications for Europe. What are the central elements?
    • ‘No declarations for customs? Is it a myth or is it real?’ by Enrika Naujoke, editor of Customs Compliance & Risk Management journal. The customs supervision dream is to receive data directly from the actors of the supply chain. Will the customs declaration be abolished in, let’s say, 10 years? What else is in question?
    • ‘What about customs learning?’ by Kevin Shakespeare, Director of Strategic Projects and International Development at the Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT). Following the UK leaving the EU a new market for customs learning has evolved requiring an understanding of new procedures for trade in goods, trade in services and e-commerce. This also comes on top of customs authorities having to manage requirements under the WTO Trade Facilitation agreement and the advance of digital trade. All this opens new opportunities for collaboration between organisations to promote best practice and to facilitate trade.