About This Webinar
The Q2 Developer's Meet and Greet is a specialized event created by the City of Brownsville to provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for professionals to share information, discuss opportunities, and interact with one another in a collaborative environment.
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    Helen Ramirez
    Deputy City Manager - Moderator
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    City of Brownsville
    Trey Mendez, Mayor
    Noel Bernal, City Manager
    Ramiro Gonzalez, Director of Government and Community Affairs
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    City of Brownsville
    Constanza Miner, Retail and Redevelopment Manager
    Dr. Art Rodriguez, Public Health Director
    Francisco Partida, Special Projects Manager for BRO
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    Javier Huerta
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    Gabby Carmona
    Senior Policy Associate
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    Ricardo Rubiano
  • 1597677294-bfdd61255f191410
    Louie Tijerina
    Real Estate Broker
  • 1597677455-471068c45dd25291
    Dennis Sanchez
    Board Member
  • 1597677655-c2f7825c7909ee64
    Josh Mejia
    Executive Director
  • 1597678931-a07144da94421268
    Steve Tyndal
    Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development
  • 1597679124-e09ffb5ed7ffc9c3
    Esmy Villarreal
    President and CEO of the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce
  • 1597679392-463ac2fd0037f3a0
    Nathan Burkhart
    Director Of Marketing & Small Business Development BCIC
  • 1597679661-3b3868b220abad28
    Alex Garza
    Commercial Real Estate Broker
  • 1597679826-a5eef2453eb2abb0
    Rene Gonzalez
    Chief Strategy Officer