Modern-day companies are very keenly looking to enhance their customer experience and WhatsApp Business API is the answer to most hyper-personalization woes. Today, several businesses around the world leverage WhatsApp as a primary channel for communicating with their customers. This allows them to broaden their reach, have secure conversations with their customers, increase sales conversions, and achieve critical business goals

Join us for this webinar as we explore how WhatsApp can be a gamechanger for your organization and more
Tue, Apr 26, 2022 · 3:00 PM Nairobi (GMT +3:00)
  • The evolution of WhatsApp from a messaging App to a powerful business channel
  • End-to-end Customer Journey on WhatsApp across Promotion, Purchase and Support
  • New interactive features of WhatsApp and how customers can gain from it
  • Why WhatsApp Business API can be a game-changer across industries
CIO Africa
CIO Africa