A rise in remote employees and an increased reliance on SaaS applications create new, wider gaps in security. To put it simply, it’s more challenging to protect users at the edge — ensuring seamless connections that optimize productivity without creating performance issues that drag down user satisfaction. Enter the secure access service edge (SASE), an architectural approach that offers an alternative to traditional data center-oriented security. SASE converges networking capabilities with cloud-native security functions to simplify deployment and streamline management in the cloud. Join this interactive webinar to learn how Cisco Umbrella can help you cut complexity, reduce risk exposure, and improve performance with a single cloud-delivered service that deploys easily and scales with your business.
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    Harry Hare
    Publisher at CIO Africa
    Harry is the a seasoned IT writer, commentator and speaker. With more than two decade of experience in the IT sector in Africa, Harry has established himself as a thought leader and industry captain. He is also the founder of DEMO Africa and Africa eDevelopment Resource Centre.
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    Kelvin Mugambi
    Technical Solutions Architect
    I am a cybersecurity technical solutions architect at Cisco . Previously I worked as a Principal Solutions Architect at Safaricom. I hold a CCIE in Enterprise Architecture (57457), CISSP among other industry certifications. I take great pride in delivering secure, resilient and dynamic solutions.
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    job mutegi
    Regional Marketing Manager, Computech
    He's enthusiasm with Technology and Digital Transformation has enabled him to delve deep into the world of IT and formulate digital strategy campaigns that shed light to CIOs on the emerging digital trends and IT solutions that cut across all industries to provide the utmost value to clients in the IT sector.