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From Data Pain to Prosperity: A Roadmap for Achieving Lab Digitalization Maturity and Successfully Implementing AI

About This Webinar

Sponsored by Ganymede Bio and Siemens Advanta Consulting

Join Nathan Clark, Founder and CEO of Ganymede, and Dr. Alexander Herzfeldt, Associate Partner/Vice President at Siemens Advanta Consulting, for a webinar that explores the technical and strategic data challenges currently slowing down the growth of life sciences organizations. Tune in as they discuss how labs can maximize the value of their lab data by turning it into operational improvements, and successfully apply advanced data models, including AI, at the R&D level and on the manufacturing floor.

Why do so many biotechs suffer from data pain? Why do AI implementations fail in the wet lab? Often, these problems stem from low-quality, data silos, disorganized data and manual data cleaning, combined with a lack of targeted applications designed to properly leverage the power of AI. But labs can overcome these obstacles by pulling the right digitalization levers.

The webinar will guide you through Ganymede’s Lab Digitalization Maturity Curve, providing actionable insights to assess and elevate your organization's data effectiveness and readiness for AI and machine learning. The five key phases include:

• Capture and record, where we discuss how to connect scientific context with analytical data effectively.
• Store, structure, integrate, automate, which outlines the importance of adhering to FAIR data standards to ensure your data is usable and interoperable. Think data lake, versus data swamp.
• Analyze, visualize, and introduce (business) intelligence, at which point data-driven decisions become possible, thanks to powerful BI tools. Data analysis becomes unified and useful.
• The business case for data-driven decisions, where we discuss why data initiatives are oftentimes highly beneficial for the organization and have a positive return on investment
• Digital twins and AI/ML, where we showcase what it means to be a data-centric organization with rich data sets, and how it empowers you to seamlessly integrate AI and machine learning into your laboratory processes.

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Learning Objectives:
Learn how digitalization, when done properly, can be used to deliver value today in the form of streamlined operations and data driven decisions. Understand the critical role that digitalization maturity plays in the successful implementation of advanced applications like AI, machine learning, and large language models (LLMs) in therapeutics development.

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Founder and CEO, Ganymede
Nathan Clark is the founder and CEO of Ganymede, the scientific data and instrument connectivity cloud. Prior to Ganymede, Nathan was product manager for several of Benchling's data products, including the Insights BI tool and Machine Learning team. Nathan comes from a background in machine learning and data systems across financial technology and deep tech.
Webinar hosting presenter
Associate Partner/Vice President, Siemens Advanta Consulting
Dr. Alexander Herzfeldt is Associate Partner/Vice President at Siemens Advanta Consulting, working on complex projects at the intersection of strategy consulting and custom software development. At Siemens Advanta Consulting Alex is responsible for the Life Sciences business in North America. Alex comes from a background in management information systems and financial management.
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