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Custom antibody development services of raw materials for scalable research and diagnostic assay manufacturing

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As a combined result of increases in research and medical diagnostic immunoassay volumes, pressure on the global supply system of animal hosts and other traditional means of antibody production has grown tremendously. Specifically, the shortage of animal-derived materials because of the COVID-19 pandemic has spiked their demand, highlighting the need for sustainable and robust means of producing critical reagents. Our Antibody manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide complete support for custom antibody generation and large-scale manufacturing. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality products by using our custom antibody generation platform and incorporating recombinant antibody technology and antibody engineering. The antibody manufacturing platform includes antigen design, immunization development program, B-cell cloning, clone generation and selection, recombinant expression, and stable cell line generation. The manufacturing capabilities enable our team to produce large-scale batches while providing lot consistency, high quality antibodies and a secure supply.

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R&D Lead, Senior Scientist, Custom Antibody Manufacturing, MilliporeSigma
Sean earned his Master’s degree focused in Molecular Biology from CSU, Sacramento. He is an expert in molecular biology techniques including molecular biology assay development, vector design, recombinant PCR methods for gene synthesis and mutagenesis, lentiviral/retroviral transduction, and recombinant protein expression. Protein analysis includes ELISA development, HPLC, IHC techniques and staining, and Western Blot. Developed transient transfection platform used by ISCO (Integrated Supply Chain Operations) for antibody production. Created a stable cell line platform using CHO (CHINESE HAMSTER OVARY) cells and developed a proprietary vector technology to produce recombinant antibodies for use in multiple applications. Sean is currently involved in multiple animal welfare projects as well as overseeing the Custom Antibody Manufacturing process.
Webinar hosting presenter
Portfolio manager for Blood Typing and Custom Antibodies at MilliporeSigma based in Livingston, Scotland, UK.
Sinead McManus earned her B.Sc. in Biotechnology from Dublin City University, Ireland. Sinead joined MilliporeSigma in 2006 and has held various roles in the company. Before taking the interim role as portfolio manager, Sinead was the R&D manager for custom antibodies. Sinead has introduced many different single use manufacturing processes to the Livingston site which are now routinely used by ISCO (Integrated Supply Chain Operations) for antibody production. Sinead’s team oversees the entire process from developing antibodies, scaling and optimising fermentation conditions, developing purification processes and transferring the antibodies to production for the antibody manufacture.
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