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How far in advance do you plan your preaching calendar? If you're like most pastors, you might work two or three weeks in advance—maybe a month if you're lucky. You know how that usually ends—your messages are rushed, redundant, and underprepared. They are microwave meals instead of a well-seasoned dinner. Worse, you don't have a discipleship plan for your congregation. You are dictated by the moment. And when the moment dictates your actions, you often fail to look to the future.

While sometimes the Holy Spirit changes our course at the last minute, planning a preaching plan that leverages the seasons of the year will free you to be more studied, confident, and intentional. In this webinar, Ministry Pass and Sermonary co-founders Justin Trapp and Wade Bearden will teach you how to plan your sermon calendar twelve months in advance, empowering you to preach the gospel more clearly and intentionally.
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