Join us for a global pandemic perspective with Dr. Helen Scott, PhD, an epidemiologist currently working at the World Health Organization through the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and is an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Toronto.

She is the former Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children's Health - an association of over 100 organizations working in over 1,000 communities around the world. Helen is a global health leader with a track record of building and leading initiatives and partnerships in reproductive, maternal and child health and rights.

Over her career she has worked for the WHO, Health Canada, local Health Units and District Health Councils, and not-for-profits. Helen completed a doctorate in epidemiology at the University of Toronto and a postdoctoral fellowship in childhood disability.
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    VP of Sales for Canada
    Jim Flieler is the VP Canadian Sales for Charlotte Products Ltd. He is an industry expert coupled with a high level of enthusiasm, integrity and common sense. These traits have made him a renowned speaker and trainer for local businesses, key regional players and national corporations across North America.

    He adds to his profile hundreds of hands-on presentation and training sessions. He has over 40 years of expertise in all areas of sanitation in various market segments and job disciplines. James is also known for his strong focus on continuous innovation and development to improve processes. Jim is a frequent trainer for organizations across North America, educating employees on cleaning-related and sanitation issues.
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    Chief Operations Officer
    Asquith Williams graduated from Western University with a Degree in Biochemistry. Asquith has previously held positions as a Research & Development Chemist for multinational companies before joining Charlotte as the Research & Development Manager, a short while later becoming the General Manager, then COO.

    He works closely with our Regulatory, Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing and Customer Care team as well as our Patents and Trademark Lawyers. Asquith’s role in this experience is pivotal given his extensive experience as a chemist and responsibility and experience in running production for over 30 years.
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