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About This Webinar
In just a few weeks, like most organizational leaders you went from well-known and effectively managed workplaces to our new normal of having to lead from your home to your teams’ homes. Such a change in work process, structure and technology has never happened before so fast and on a global scale. And few of us are prepared to deal with it.

The inevitable result is massive pressure on you, the leader, to sustain morale and productivity with new and drastically different work processes, structure and technologies. Great leadership in these conditions requires a lot more than frequent web meetings and shared feelings. It requires a rethinking of leadership.

Wouldn’t it be valuable for you to have a great personal mentor visit your home to help you lead your team to optimize their new work processes and places? Wouldn’t it be valuable if you could give everyone on your team a great personal mentor in their homes to guide them through optimizing their new work processes and spaces?

Great mentors raise the bar for excellence, motivate and guide. There’s just no question that having a great mentor at your side to help you lead from home from would be extremely valuable. But how? The convergence of technology and neuroscience may hold the answer.

In an effort to help organizations address critical leadership needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cerebyte is presenting the webinar – Leading (Not Just Managing) from Home: How a NeuroMentor System Optimizes Home to Homes Leadership. In this session, Dr. William Seidman, CEO and president of Cerebyte will show how you can use NeuroMentoring to more effectively lead your team from your home to their homes.

Leading from home is a big systemic challenge requiring much more than web meetings and feel good sessions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to overcome those challenges and come out ahead. Register now. Space is limited.
  • Key organizational and structural challenges faced in leading teams remotely
  • How NeuroMentoring technology can mentor you and all your team from your home to their homes
  • How to use the NeuroMentor to drive high productivity
  • Steps to putting a technology and neuroscience-based mentoring program in place quickly without disruption
William Seidman, PhD.
Chief Executive Officer and President, Cerebyte
Dr. William Seidman is a recognized thought leader and expert on the application of neuroscience to transformational leadership and change throughout any organization. Dr. Seidman contributes an in-depth understanding of the neural processes required to discover and use expert wisdom to guide organizational transformations and create extraordinary organizational performance.
Rick Grbavac
Vice President, Account Management, Cerebyte
Since joining Cerebyte in 2002, Rick Grbavac has worked with a wide variety of clients in several domains including: product development, IT project management, construction, manufacturing, insurance, medical and leadership. His extensive experience in sales, marketing and organizational development includes the management of sales groups, and re-engineering corporate structure and culture at industry-leading organizations such as Jantzen and VF Corporation. He was also a senior partner in the business development firm of Cason, Grbavac & Murphy.