Attend this compassionate and timely Adult Education webinar about End of Life Planning and Estate Planning from a Catholic Perspective.

Topics that will be covered about end of life issues:
  • Church teaching on end of life medical care

  • Setting up a Catholic Health Care Directive

  • Guidance for Catholic funerals, cremation and final expense plans

  • Managing estate tax exposure and protecting assets

  • Understanding how probate will affect your family and estate

Father Roger Linnan will address these topics and others, and will provide steps for putting together a valid Catholic Health Care Directive.

Speaker John Tetzloff, Advanced Case Specialist for Catholic United Financial, will speak about the financial aspects of end of life decisions, including final expenses, estate plans, charitable giving, power of attorney and more.

Webinar Host: Contact local Representative Angie Jorgensen for more details: or call/text 605-660-5814.

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    John Tetzloff, CLU, FICF, LUTCF
    Advanced Case Specialist and Trainer
    John is Advanced Case Specialist for Catholic United Financial and speaks 50 times a year around the Upper Midwest on financial topics like estate planning, retirement, asset protection, wills and trusts and more. John has more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry, and can use that experience to inform your individual situation.
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    Father Roger Linnan
    Retired Pastor
    Retired Pastor of Sioux City Diocese
  • 1591041374-590bed23755dc594
    Angie Jorgensen
    Sales Representative
    Angie is a credentialed Fraternal Insurance Counselor (FIC) and serves South Dakota and Iowa.
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    Catholic United Financial