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About This Webinar
For many years it's been difficult to provide remote healthcare services either because it wasn’t paid for or because providers needed many licenses — all that is changing quickly. With COVID-19, suddenly virtual care is essential.

Washington and many states and local governments have responded by changing regulations at an unprecedented pace. Lygeia will moderate a discussion with Grace Cordovano, PhD, BCPA and Matt Fisher as they discuss the implications for healthcare providers and businesses, and also for patients and caregivers.

Then we'll open it up for live video questions from the community. We hope to see you Thursday!

This chat is part of the Health IRL: A Collaborative Health Conversation series — you can learn more about this initiative and watch past chats here.
  • New policy and regulations since COVID-19, and what they cover.
  • Positive and negative impact of these changes on patients.
  • Financial implications of these changes for healthcare organizations.
  • Recent policies set by organizations, such as hospitals and municipalities.
  • Leveraging technologies to care for patients.
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    Grace Cordovano, PhD, BCPA
    Founder, Enlightening Results, and Co-Founder, Unblock Health
  • 1586179255-5b705c4aeaedf8c6
    Matt Fisher
    Chair of Health Law Group, Mirick O’Connell