About This Webinar
Bringing self-awareness into your relationship creates growth. In a conscious relationship, both partners are equipped with the tools to identify their own individual needs. Both individuals must recognize the patterns and narratives that have shaped their lives.

Many times, individuals have fantasies of what they believe their life should look like. However, an individual is only able to truly identify what a genuine, authentic relationship should be for them. Most of us believe that conforming to conventional traditions will equate to a happy and fulfilling life. In reality, the external validations will only temporarily fill the void that lingers. The loneliness, disconnection and unfulfillment that one carries from unmet needs won’t go away without awareness and improvement. Unmet needs from childhood spillover into adulthood. Without the knowledge of what those unmet needs are, individuals will seek and rely on their partners to fulfill said needs. Individuals use these defense mechanisms to avoid the hurt, pain and trauma that they suffered in childhood. While those mechanisms may have worked in childhood, as adults, those same defense mechanisms are preventing authentic and fulfilling relationships.

Join Dr. Carolina Pataky, Ph.D., L.M.F.T. and Co-Founder of the Love Discovery Institute for another insightful discussion where she will share information and tools on how to break free from these cyclical patterns so that you can have the relationship and life you deserve.

  • Learn how relationships can be a vehicle for healing and growth through conscious relationship.
  • Self awareness in relationships
  • Building authentic and fulfilling relationships
  • Tools to break free from cyclical patterns to help your relationships thrive
Carillon Miami
Dr. Carolina Pataky PhD, LMFT, CST
Marriage, Sex & Family Therapist & Co-Founder of the Love Discovery Institute