Infection Control Tips for Caregivers
1:00PM CDT
About this Webinar
Have you ever heard the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness?” This popular saying highlights the importance of having measures in place to keep the environment where you care for your loved one or client clean. For example, routinely disinfecting the living space where your client or loved one receives care and washing your hands properly can prevent the spread of potential illness causing bacteria and viruses like the flu. Similar to general infections (i.e., eyes, ears, and nose) and sessional allergies the flu is short-term condition that is usually not life-threatening. In fact, with proper rest and treatment (usually an antibiotic or antiviral medication) your loved one or client will likely return to normal and resume everyday activities within a few weeks. However, it should be noted that common infections like the flu can exacerbate your loved one’s more serious chronic medical conditions and these complications can end up being life threatening. Please join us for a live webinar that will focus on best practices for effective handwashing, the application and safe removal of gloves, the use of hand sanitizer, and tips for disinfecting your client or loved one’s living space.