About this Webinar
The labor market is tight and getting tighter. The population is aging. The question is not: Is caregiving/work balance a productivity issue? The question is: How effectively are we dealing with caregiving/work conflicts?
During the webinar, John Paul Marosy, Founder, Caregivers Work LLC will discuss the following:
• How you can keep or regain a healthy perspective on the job of caregiving
• The importance of paying attention to self-care and remaining centered
• How to communicate effectively with co-workers and your manager/supervisor
• How you might tap into resources at work and in the community
• The importance of speaking up for yourself and other caregivers in the workplace.
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    Dr. Eboni Green
    Dr. Green is  the President and CEO of Caregiver Support Services, which specializes in supporting family and professional caregivers across the lifespan through direct supportive services. She is the author of three books At the Heart of the Matter, Caregiving in the New Millennium, and Reflections from the Soul, and currently writes a monthly article that focuses on self-care among caregivers. Green has extensive experience focused on caregivers' health and wellness, with an emphasis on caregiver stress, burnout and related family conflicts.
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    John Paul Marosy
    John Paul Marosy is a pioneer in the field of aging and caregiving/work balance. An accomplished leader in geriatric healthcare management, John Paul is the author of numerous articles on caregiving/work balance, as well as the ground-breaking reference text A Manager’s Guide to Elder Care and Work (Quorum Books, 1999). And he has lived the caregiving/work balance experience as caregiver for his father and two other older relatives. He is the recipient of a Presidential Citation for the Planning Partnership in Aging, a business/government initiative focused on helping elders and their caregivers living independently in their own homes. John Paul is a graduate of Saint Peter’s University and Boston University and resides in Denver, CO. Learn more about Caregivers Work @https://www.caregiverswork.com/