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Join us for presentations from the experts coordinating wastewater monitoring for COVId-19. We'll learn how these efforts have been coordinated, how the results have helped shape public health actions during the pandemic. Our panel discussion will take a broader look at how these activities have impacted wastewater utilities, and opportunities going further.

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    Robert Haller
    Canadian Water and Wastewater Association
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    Sponsor: Pierre Michaud
    Pierre hold a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from École de technologie supérieure du Québec. He is involved in the field of Environmental and Process instrumentation since 1988.

    Pierre has work for a number of firms that represent some of the most dominant manufacturers of analytical instrumentation for air, water and gases. Over the years, he has developped a solid expertise of the various technologies used in the industry.

    Pierre joined Avensys in 1996 and is a member of Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ).
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    Beth Weir
    Moderator: Director, Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring (A), Environmental Services, Region of York and Chair of CWWA's Wastewater and Stormwater Committee
    Beth Weir has a background in water and wastewater operations. She has been with the Region of York in Ontario for 26 years and is currently the CWWA Wastewater and Stormwater Committee Chair. She also sits on the Canadian Plumbing and Mechanical Advisory Council for CWWA. Today’s presentation gives an overview of suggested code change requests made to the National Building Code intended to strengthen the language/actions from public to private sides.
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    Bernadette Conant
    Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Water Network
    Bernadette is the Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Water Network and is a trusted broker of water knowledge. Together with her team, she works to improve the application of water research to decisions for water management. In 2009, she founded the Canadian Municipal Water Consortium, whose members collaborate on critical drinking water, wastewater and stormwater challenges.

    Bernadette is Vice-Chair of the board of directors for the Global Water Research Coalition. She was appointed to a national expert panel on climate change adaptation by the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices. Bernadette also serves on the board of Hydrogeologists without Borders. She holds an MSc in hydrogeology from the University of Waterloo.
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    Robert Delatolla
    University of Ottawa
    Professor Robert Delatolla is an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa. He is the Associate Director and former Director of the Ottawa Carleton Institute for Environmental Engineering. His research is focused on biological wastewater treatment with a particular interest in the application, modification and optimization of wastewater treatment technologies.
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    Mark Servos
    University of Waterloo
    Professor Mark R. Servos carries out research in the broad areas of Ecotoxicology and Integrated Water Resources Management. Specifically, current research activities are evaluating the environmental exposure and effects of emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the environment.
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    Panelist: Asim Qasim
    Region of York
    Asim Ali Qasim has been working in the Health Protection division in York Region Public Health since 2012. In his role as the Environmental Research and Policy Analyst and currently as Acting Manager, Asim works on a wide range of environmental health topics such as contaminant exposures, air quality, and climate change. Along with Becky Hester, the manager of the Public Health Safe Water program, they have been providing support for our Wastewater viral RNA monitoring project since first approached in late March/early April of 2020.