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Municipal utilities are stewards of the environment, but water and wastewater treatment is an energy intensive activity. Finding ways to reduce energy consumption can make huge differences in the costs of providing water and wastewater treatment, but also have immense environmental impacts, especially as we look to meet carbon emission targets.

This webinar will demonstrate ways utilities have reduced their energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. This is your chance to hear from utilities who are leading the country in this field.

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  • OCWA’s journey from Energy efficient WWTP to Net Zero RRF - Indra Maharjan, Ontario Clean Water Agency
  • The Energy Management and a Sustainable Water Utility at the City of Calgary - Morris Liu, City of Calgary
  • Integrating Carbon and Energy Cost Reduction Goals into Water Facilities Infrastructure - Samir Yammine, City of Saint John, NB
  • Actions to Achieve A Sustainable Utility and Meet the GHG Reduction Goals - Qing Zhang, EPCOR Water Services
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    Robert Haller
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    Bryan Karney
    Moderator: University of Toronto
    Bryan Karney graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.A.Sc. degree in 1980 and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering in 2984. His first academic appointment was at the University of Calgary in 1985 but he has been at the University of Toronto since 1987. Bryan is currently a professor of Civil Engineering and has been the Associate Dean of the Cross-Disciplinary Programs office in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering since 2006. Bryan is also a principal of HydraTek with more than 30-years experience in providing comprehensive hydraulic and hydraulic transient consulting services on a wide range of fluid systems, including water, wastewater, storm, oil, gas, and jet fuel. Bryan has spoken and written widely on subjects related to water resource systems, energy issues, hydrology, climate change, optimization, engineering education, and engineering ethics. He was Associate Editor for the ASCE’s Journal of Hydraulic Engineering from 1993 to 2005 and has been an Associate Editor for IAHR’s Journal of Hydraulic Research since 2016. He has written numerous papers and has been awarded a number of teaching and research awards.
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    Sandeep Gupta
    Sponsor: Senior Manager, Water Plants Engineering, Epcor Water Services
    Sandeep Gupta, Senior Manager, Water Plants Engineering with EPCOR has more than twenty years of experience, has worked for couple of Utilities in Edmonton, and has completed various reliability, design, and energy efficiency projects in power generation, water and wastewater industries.

    Sandeep has a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from University of Alberta. He is presently pursuing his Executive MBA.

    Over the last several years, Sandeep is working as a Senior Manager of Engineering with EPCOR Water Services. Sandeep is a Professional Mechanical Engineer registered with APEGA and volunteers with APEGA as a board member.
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    Indra Maharjan
    Director, Innovation, Efficiency and Optimization, Ontario Clean Water Agency
    Indra Maharjan currently leads OCWA’s Innovation, Efficiency and Technology group and delivers solutions around energy, climate change and resource recovery to 220 plus municipal clients across Ontario. His unique ability to work with stakeholders to develop and deliver innovative solutions has resulted in 250 plus energy efficiency projects and 5+ codigestion projects in Ontario.

    Indra is passionate about Water Energy GHG nexus and have worked across sectorial industry collaboration to promote this. He is also amid volunteer with WEF, AWWA, OWWA, WEAO, ONEIA, Ryerson Urban Water, OSPE and PEO committees and has been an active mentor/ mentee for YPs and newcomers in this sector.
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    Morris Liu
    City of Calgary
    Morris is a senior engineer leading the energy management team at the City of Calgary’s Water Utility. He has been working in the water and wastewater industries and utility for last twenty years. The areas he and his team searched for saving opportunities in energy use, cost and GHG emission reduction for the Calgary Water utility range from rotating equipment efficiency to power quality improvement, from bill monitoring to solar projects facilitating and fund application.

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    Samir Yammine
    City of Saint John, NB
    Samir received his Bachelor degree in electrical engineering and completed his Master of Electrical engineering coursework from Dalhousie University in 1990. His responsibilities include providing strategic leadership and direction to the Senior Leadership Team and Common Council in developing and implementing the Corporate Asset and Energy Management Programs across the City of Saint John organization, including the City’s Agencies, Boards and Commissions. The objective of these programs is to ensure the efficiency and effective management of the City’s infrastructure (estimated to be nearly $2 Billion as of 2016) as well as setting priorities, strategies, policies, environmental initiatives and approaches for capital investment and life cycle management. Samir has developed, implemented and managed over 100 sustainable environmental and asset management initiatives on new and existing city infrastructure. As of 2016, these initiatives have resulted in annual energy saving of over $2.3 million and a reduction of 9000 CO2 Tons of GHG emissions. These initiatives have won the City of Saint John many national and regional awards such as the Premiers’ Award for Energy Efficiency and FCM-CH2M HILL Sustainable Community Awards in the Energy Category presented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Notwithstanding, Mr. Yammine has helped secure over $28 Million in funding toward various sustainable environmental and infrastructure initiatives, and has been a guest speaker at many conferences, workshops, and webinars across Canada.
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    Qing Zhang
    EPCOR Water Services
    Qing is an enviromental engineer with more than 20 years of experiences in the water industry. With a primary focus on the energy management, water treatment plant operation, and change management, Qing also has extentive experiences in artificial intelligence modeling, and real time process monitoring and control. He participated in several AWWA Research Foundation research projects, and published more than 12 papers in referred Jounrals and several reports with AWWA Research Foundation. Qing currently serves as the chair of CWWA Energy Efficiency Committee, and is actively promoting and sharing energy efficiency knowledge with CWWA utility members and through colleagues in many municipalitis.