About This Webinar
All are welcome to join together in solidarity and prayer to celebrate the coming of Christ at Christmas with a Mass streamed live with CAFOD and friends.
We shall bring together our prayers, from and for our communities and partners, our families and friends, both across the global South and throughout the UK, into the presence of our loving God.
  • P
    Paul Whittle
  • C
    Christine Allen
    CAFOD Director
  • L
    CAFOD Theologian
  • B
    Bethany Friery
    Primary Schools Coordinator
  • S
    Sylvester Mutsigwa
    Community Participation Coordinator
  • 1608124076-c368aa9c43a869df
    Jane Crone
    Community Participartion Coordinator
  • 1592838091-c778901b735ecd3b
    Eileen Hayes
    Volunteer Co-ordinator Specialist at CAFOD