Pulses: peas, beans, chickpeas and lentils are the answer to both sustainability challenges and to customers' rising interest for healthier protein-rich foods. Bühler supports the industry with the technology to clean, dehull and further process pulses into flour, protein concentrate or delicious food products.

Get insights about the rapidly growing market of the pulses and the existent processing technologies to convert them into high value ingredients for the food industry.
  • What are pulses, learn about their diversity and how they are consumed
  • How new products are increasingly using pulses as flour ingredient or protein concentrate
  • From farm to fork: what are the processes and technology needed to transform pulses into food
  • See the technology in action in one of Asia's largest pulses processing plant
Alexandra Londoño Baderschneider
Head of Segment Pulses, Bühler
Alexandra Londoño is the global Head of Bühler’s pulses and local grains business segment. With 10 years of experience in global market development in B2B and B2C, she is currently leading the development of innovative technology applications to extract the full protein potential of pulses as an ingredient, add value to food products and thereby contribute to sustainability and food security. Alexandra has a degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA in International Management from ESB Business School.
Thomas Krueger
Technical Senior Sales Advisor Pulses, Bühler
Thomas Krueger is the Global Technical Senior Sales Advisor for the segment of Pulses, Spices and Seeds. He has established as an expert in various fields of specialty milling, providing a strong technical and technological support into the regional Bühler organizations worldwide. With his background in Milling, he is now driving the innovation and implementation of the next generation of processes for high value pulses ingredients.
Moshfeq Rafiq
Country Manager Bangladesh, Bühler
Moshfeq Rafiq is leading the operations of Bühler in Bangladesh, one of the top 10 countries consuming the most pulses on the planet. Moshfeq is passionate about supporting Bangladesh companies to feed their fast growing population with sustainable food technology and has been working closely with some of the largest food processing companies in the country, including flour mills, rice mills and dal (Bangladesh's local red lentil variety) to work towards that goal. Moshfeq holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Dhaka.
Marcel Züst
Regional Manager Milling Solutions Southeast Asia & Oceania, Bühler
Marcel Züst is Key Account Manager for Bühler Southeast Asia. With a technical background as a Mechanical Engineer, Marcel joined Buhler in 2008 and since that has been deeply involved in worldwide project executions and sales mainly for the flour milling industry. In this role, which he started January 2020, he overlooks the business development and sales for the milling industry business of the countries Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.