Take good care of your tools, and they will take good care of you.

The legendary broncolor Para line of light shapers are require some training to set-up, use and pack away.

But when used properly, the signature parabolic light is a key component for portrait and beauty photography.

If you are considering renting a broncolor para, working on a production with one or purchasing one, this educational session is a must-attend event. Bookmark it!

in this live presentation, Galvin Collins will share some real-world tips and methods for making the most out of broncolor Paras. He'll also teach you how to safely use it, keep everyone on set safe form accidents and make the light shaper last for the next generation to use.

Learn more about the Paras:
  • How to make the most out of the unique 24 points of light design
  • Setup and storage
  • The right stand for the job
  • TIMBER! How to avoid a very expensive accident on set.
the Broncolor Assistant
Galvin Collins is a Photographer and Cinematographer working in Portland Oregon. He has spent over 10 years splitting his time as stills assistant and 1st AC. As a stills assistant he has helped to bring photographers visions to life. As a 1st as he has helped keep the picture sharp.

Photograph of Galvin ©Andy Batt
Marketing Manager, Broncolor USA
Blake is has been a portrait photographer across and around the US for 14 years. The Georgia-based creative received a BA from Montana State University in filmmaking and photography. He has also held positions across the entire photography industry from Capture, to Print and everywhere in between. these days, Blake is the Brand Marketing Manager for broncolor USA, part of MAC Group.