Having the best tool on hand for the task at hand is vital. And choosing between Packs and Monolights is a long-discussed topic.

There is a time and place for each, and our resident professional assistant, Galvin Collins, will walk you through when one suits the task better than the other.

After thousands of hours on sets all over the world, his knowledge of the myriad of possible situations is one to trust.

The photographers and clients he works for demand the very best, under pressure; when time is of the essence and a re-shoot is out of the question, having this knowledge in your pocket will save the day.

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  • Why use a particular source of light
  • Discussion of Packs vs Heads
  • Pros and Cons of each
the Broncolor Assistant
Galvin Collins is a Photographer and Cinematographer working in Portland Oregon. He has spent over 10 years splitting his time as stills assistant and 1st AC. As a stills assistant he has helped to bring photographers visions to life. As a 1st as he has helped keep the picture sharp.

Photograph of Galvin ©Andy Batt
Marketing Manager, Broncolor USA
Blake is has been a portrait photographer across and around the US for 14 years. The Georgia-based creative received a BA from Montana State University in filmmaking and photography. He has also held positions across the entire photography industry from Capture, to Print and everywhere in between. these days, Blake is the Brand Marketing Manager for broncolor USA, part of MAC Group.