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People-based reporting and the future of digital marketing metrics

About This Webinar

The metrics digital marketers wrestle with are bad.

There, we said it. Open rates. CTR. Impressions. While offering bits and pieces of the whole picture, none of these metrics actually tell you that a real person saw your message, engaged with it, and bought your product.

We'd like to change that. Join us on September 12th at 12:30 EDT, and we'll show you the metrics that matter. You know, the ones that show engagement from actual humans (not bots) and actual conversions.

  • People-based reporting, a set of metrics that tell the whole story
  • How to use these metrics to improve your campaigns so you don't waste any time or money
  • We'll also take you for a spin through our new Visual Reporting Dashboard
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Bridge webinar platform hosts People-based reporting and the future of digital marketing metrics
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