About This Webinar
Menopause brings with it an array of physical symptoms and challenges from weight gain to hot flushes, joint pain and insomnia. In this seminar Dr Judith Thompson, world leader in the management of pelvic floor disorders will discuss the role of women's health physiotherapists in sexual and menopausal health.
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    Dr Judith Thompson
    Specialist Continence & Women's Health Physiotherapist
    Judith Thompson is the Clinical Director of the Body Logic Pelvic Health Clinic.
    She is a specialist continence and pelvic health physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy in 2008). With over 28 years clinical experience in continence, women’s, men’s and pelvic health. She completed a PhD in the use of realtime ultrasound in assessment of the pelvic floor in 2006 and she is considered as a leader in the area of pelvic pain and continence management.
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    Emily Wilson
    Webinar Moderator
    Emily is a Specialist Breast Cancer Nurse with breast Cancer Care WA.