With pending retirements, a more transient workforce, and advanced machines requiring new skills, our front line workforce is facing a bevy of new challenges. The result: 70% of companies identify knowledge loss and time to competency as their critical issues. Fortunately, companies are taking action to capture knowledge and deliver just-in-time training across the deskless workforce with the help of technology.

Enter: Knowledge networks to deliver information across the workforce when and where it’s needed. How are enterprises creating these knowledge networks? By using the workforce to capture information, contextualize with appropriate tags, curate and analyze data and ultimately build efficient, resilient and safe workforces of the future.

On Wednesday, June 23, end users John Cogliandro and Erik Schmidtberg (Raytheon) will join industry experts Anand Rao (PwC) and Jereme Pitts (Librestream) to educate enterprises about the power of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable deskless workers around the world and build knowledge networks capable of sustaining the deskless workforce for decades to come.
  • Drivers of workforce transformation
  • Building knowledge networks with AR and AI to reduce knowledge loss, eliminate inefficiencies, enhance safety, lower costs, and more
  • Real-world use cases and proven outcomes (ROI) of Augmented Reality + Artificial Intelligence
  • Deployment best practices and lessons learned in working towards a truly connected deskless workforce
Anand Rao
Global Artificial Intelligence Lead, PwC
Erik Schmidtberg
CBM + Chief Product Owner, Raytheon
John Cogliandro
Engineering Fellow, Raytheon
Jereme Pitts
Chief Operating Officer, Librestream
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